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Redefining Corporate Mobility

If you're ready to ditch the legacy business fleet offers, we have the solution

App-based, Keyless Access

Elevate the user convenience with instant, secure fleet access, right from your phone.

Multi-Modal Integration

An expansive fleet solution, from cars to e-bikes, ensuring every mobility requirement is catered for

Advanced Configuration

Customise to perfection with user group permissions, geofencing, and time-specific access controls.

Data & Analytics

Unlock valuable insights on user journeys, travel behaviour, and overall fleet usage, enabling informed strategic decisions.
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Ryd Tesla Sharing Corporate

Collaborative Fleet Sharing

Break traditional barriers with our unique multi-service options. Share and manage your fleet internally with different departments or go beyond, and share it with external organisations, optimizing utilization like never before.

Our solution frees your vehicles from confines, reduces fleet costs and maximises their utility.

Sustainable Mobility

Beyond cars, our integration with e-bikes and mopeds offers alternatives, positioning your company at the forefront of sustainable corporate mobility.

These more environmentally friendly alternatives not only reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint but also cater to the diverse commuting needs of your team.

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Full Stack Solution

Beyond traditional fleet, we offer a complete mobility ecosystem preparing your business for continuous change and ensuring a future ready fleet strategy.

  • Fully maintained lease covering all servicing, maintenance and tyres
  • Insurance is optional to ensure coverage on a more open fleet for broader usage
  • Grooming service is optional to ensure vehicles are in tidy condition
  • Vehicle sharing technology ready as part of the full solution
  • Micro-mobility integration with mopeds and e-bikes
  • Full fleet management system with advanced reporting
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Ryd Mobility

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“Ryd app and fleet solutions has revolutionised my client visits. The seamless booking system, combined with the reliability of the fleet, means I can focus on what I do best – selling.”

Stuart DonovanSales Consultant

“At Fletcher Living, we've joined forces with Ryd to introduce a market-leading car-share pilot at three of our developments. Ryd has delivered a technology-driven approach that offers enhanced benefits for our customers. We see this as a forward-thinking and sustainable initiative.”

Nicola TagistonHead of Sustainability

“Ryd has been really helpful to deal with. The Ryd app is very simple to navigate and super convenient with no need for keys upon pick up or delivery. Highly recommend as an effective transport booking and hire solution as it has been invaluable for our business.”

Debbie DoullAssistant Sales Manager

Join the movement towards intelligent, adaptable, and sustainable fleet solutions.

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